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New Years Body

What does it take to get the THE BODY? Well let's find out first what kind of body are you after? One of the main reasons why people "fail" on the quest to get the "dream body"is that there is too much of i should and not enough of i will !!

If you do it for the wrong reasons than i guarantee you give up after just a couple of weeks. You have to do it because YOU really want a change to happen.

With social media like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram you might get overwhelmed with fit bodies, diets and lifestyle choices but take ideas and use them to shape your goals.

In the past 12 month my view about health and fitness has changed a lot. I always believed to "preach" a common sense approach to fitness and nutrition but now i say do whatever makes you happy and do whatever it takes to get it!

The sentence Life is too short sound like a cliche but there is a lot of truth in it.

If you like to be a bodybuilder, fitness model, or you rather stay a couch potato than go for it!! It is your health and your body.

BUT if you chose me as your coach and you have a goal, than i will do my best to get you there. Nothing will happen without 100% COMMITMENT.

You got to make changes to your time management, social life and show up to training if you feel tired or not. Excuses will definitely not get you there and i don't want to waist your money and my time to chase something you are not prepared to work for.

Dream Big in 2017 but be prepared to SWEAT for it!!

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