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1.To cancel a pre-booked or scheduled session with a trainer with no charge or cancellation fee Active 4 Life requires minimum of 24 hours notice. 2. Notice of Cancellation must be made either: a. in person with the relevant Trainer or Administration personnel or, b. in writing via electronic communication, being either email or text message. 3. If a Cancellation is made inside after expiration of the notice period it will be deemed a ‘Late Cancellation’ and the session will be charged accordingly. 4. Trainers have discretion as to whether or not a Client will be charged for Late Cancellations, this determination is made on the circumstances under which the Client wishes to make the cancellation and any other factors the Trainer deems relevant. 5. Clients may be requested by their Trainer to reschedule or vary session times in order to accommodate other clients or other extraneous circumstances that may arise. In such instances we appreciate Client co-operation and are willing to reciprocate as reasonable. 6. If for any reason the Trainer is unable to attend the session the Trainer or any other  personnel will notify the Client as soon as practicable, and endeavor to either: a. arrange another Trainer to conduct the Client session, or; i. In arranging another Trainer to conduct a Client session in an event of their absence or unavailability for whatever reason, this will first be communicated with the affected Client and confirmation be sought that this is acceptable to them. b. reschedule the session to another time that suits both parties. 7. If a Client is late to their scheduled session time, no extension of time is to be provided by the trainer, and the session will accordingly end at the allotted time. 8. If the trainer is late to the Client scheduled session time, additional time will be added to the session to ensure the minimum duration is met. 9. If at any time throughout training with Active 4 Life the Client feels uncomfortable performing a movement, has or is concerned with risking injury, is not otherwise satisfied with the performance of their Trainer it is the responsibility of the Client to bring this to the attention of their Trainer or the Studio Manager immediately. 10. Sessions and packages are non-refundable, non-transferable and expire 3 month after they were purchased. 11. Used packages will expire 90 days after the last sessions has been commenced.  

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